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Installing Ocsinventory-agent on OpenBSD

With the OpenBSD port

An OpenBSD port has been created to install OCS Inventory Agent but it is not in the OpenBSD port tree for the moment.

IMPORTANT: for the moment, use this port on OpenBSD CURRENT only. The port and the package should be integrated in the future OpenBSD 4.8 stable release if everything goes well.

You have to use bazaar to get the port which is in So install bazaar first:

pkg_add -v bzr

When bazaar is installed, get the port from :

bzr branch lp:ocsinventory-unix-agent-openbsd

A new directory named trunk has been created. Just copy this directory in your /usr/ports/mystuff like this :

mdkir -p /usr/ports/mystuff/net
cp -r your_path/trunk /usr/ports/mystuff/net/ocsinventory-agent/

Now go to the /usr/ports/mystuff/net/ocsinventory-agent and install the port :

cd /usr/ports/mystuff/net/ocsinventory-agent
make install clean

Enjoy !

NB: don't forget to read /usr/local/share/doc/ocsinventory-agent/README.OpenBSD to find informations about configuring OCS Agent in OpenBSD.

Without the OpenBSD port

export PKG_PATH=""
export OCS_VERSION="1.1.2"
mkdir /var/lib
pkg_add wget 
pkg_add nmap
pkg_add dmidecode
pkg_add pciutils
pkg_add p5-libwww
pkg_add p5-XML-Simple
pkg_add p5-Net-IP	
pkg_add p5-Proc-Daemon
mkdir ocs
cd ocs
tar xvzf Ocsinventory-Agent-$OCS_VERSION.tar.gz
cd Ocsinventory-Agent-$OCS_VERSION
perl Makefile.PL
make install