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On 2.0 serie of OCSInventoryNg, you can choose complexe type for your accountinfo. If you want to plug an application to ocs database, you have to know how it's work.

Show data on accountinfo table:

Ex accoutinfo data.png

Show data on accountinfo_config:

Ex accoutinfo config data.png

Type: 0 => Text, 1 => TEXTAREA, 2=>SELECT, 3=> Show the data, 4=> CHECKBOX, 5=>BLOB (FILE), 6=>DATE, 7=>radiobutton

How to find the accountinfo information?

Column fields_3 in accountinfo table => id=3 from accountinfo_config

Column fields_4 in accountinfo table => id=4 from accountinfo_config

How to find values when type in (2,7,4)?

you have to find the name of the accountinfo in accountinfo_config (NAME field)

and search in config table name like ACCOUNT_VALUE_[NAME]_%

Ex config accountinfo data.png

all functions of accountinfo are in /require/function_admininfo.php