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HOWTO package OCS Unix agent releases

To package the OCS Unix server release, we will use bazaar to get code from Launchpad.

Create the working directory

Create a working directory first and go in this directory:

$mkdir ocsinventory-unix-agent
$cd  ocsinventory-unix-agent

Get OcsInventory Unix agent code

Now, get the Ocsinventory Unix agent code from Launchpad using this command :

$bzr export . lp:ocsinventory-unix-agent/stable-xxx

Create the tarball file

Create the release tarball using this commands:

$perl Makefile.PL
Warning: If you are under Linux, you have to delete the ipdiscover binary before launching the next commands. Delete the ipdiscover binary using this command: rm ipdiscover.
$make manifest
$make dist

The last command creates automatically the release tarball file named Ocsinventory-Agent-XXX.tar.gz in the current directory.