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Warning: This documentation is for the 1.1.x Unix OCS Agent. It won't work with 2.0 Unix OCS Agent.


You can easily extend the inventoried information thank to the modular architecuture of OCS. You'll just need a basic Perl knowledge.

The backend module are Perl module localized in Ocsinventory-Agent-XXX/lib/Ocsinventory/Agent/Backend. Your new backend module will be autodetected by the agent during it's start up.

# The complet name of the package
# the path MUST be valid or the package won't be loaded
package Ocsinventory::Agent::Backend::OS::Linux;

use strict;

# I need to declare $runAfter because of the strict mode 
use vars qw($runAfter);

# The package must be run after OS::Generic
$runAfter = ["Ocsinventory::Agent::Backend::OS::Generic"];

# This is the check function. The agent runs it just once the module is loaded.
# If the function return false, the module and its children are not executed
# eg: OS::Linux and OS::Linux::* won't executed if this run() function return
# false
# It's a easy way to target a module just for a system like Linux in this case.
sub check { $^O =~ /^linux$/ }

# its the main function of the script, it's called during the hardware inventory
sub run {
  my $params = shift; # I fetch the parameter

# I need to get the inventory object to update it
  my $inventory = $params->{inventory};

  chomp (my $osversion = `uname -r`);
# I get the OS version

# and I updated the information collected
      OSNAME => "Linux",
      OSCOMMENTS => "Unknow Linux distribution",
      OSVERSION => $osversion


Some remarks

You can start the agent directly without any installation. You'll just need the dependancy installed:

$gunzip Ocsinventory-Agent-XXX.tar.gz
$tar xf Ocsinventory-Agent-XXX.tar
$cd Ocsinventory-Agent-XXX
$./ocsinventory-agent --devlib

If you want to create a module, use the --debug flag and turn of the server mode with --local /tmp or --stdout

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