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Management of administrative data

If you had migrate ocs 1.* to 2.*, you have to update your accountinfo

Doc gui tag migrate.jpg

Complex administrative data have been added in 2.0 release of OCS inventory NG. This feature allow you to simply add informations to machines or SNMP devices.

Once this information added, it is present throughout the OCS web interface (multicriteria search, columns in tables). By default, just one data exists : TAG. This field is modifiable but not deletable

Configuration of management console

Click on Doc gui tag1.jpg

The table displays existing data.

Doc gui tag2.jpg

Administratives data Computer or SNMP are managed in the same way. First will be available at the Machine details, and the second will be visible on the details of an SNMP device.

Add an administrative data category

Doc gui tag3.jpg

Your data will be divided into different categories that you will define. To do this, click on Doc gui user7.jpg , on fild Doc gui tag4.jpg.

A popup is then displayed and will allow you to manage your administrative data categories.

Doc gui tag5.jpg

You can modify/delete/add categories. Here, an exemple of what you can obtain :

Doc gui tag6.jpg

Now, you can create you own administrative data by categories.

Different types of administrative data

You can create different data types : text, checkbox, button, textarea, QR code, etc. For exemple, we have created following administrative data :

Doc gui tag7.jpg

Going into the details of a machine, we find all these fields.

Doc gui tag8.jpg

QR code

We create a new administrative data with type QR code, and chose the URL (detail of machine)

QRcode accountinfo1.png

Going into the details of a machine, we find new tab with QR code.

QRcode accountinfo2.png

Add data to administrative data with multivalues

If you have created administrative data such as checkbox, select or radiobutton, you'll need to enter values for these fields. To do this, go to machine details. Click on Doc gui tag9.jpg to switch to edit mode. You will find in each multivalued field this icon Doc gui user7.jpg. It will allow you to enter your data .. You'll also notice that icons Doc gui tag10.jpg will allow you to organize your fields to display.

To exit to edit mode, click on Doc gui tag11.jpg, top right.

For example, here's what you might have :

Doc gui tag12.jpg

So each of your machines will have, in the Machine details, all fields you have created.

These fields will also be present in some tables (All machines for exemple), but also in the multicriteria search. This will allow you to perform batch processing of your administrative data.