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Profiles administration of the administration interface

Configuration files

Profiles of the web interface in OCS 2.0 are handled as files. They are storage by default in


All changes made to a profile cause a backup of the original file. This backup is stored by default in


You can choose to store these files elsewhere by going to Config, Interface tab.

Doc gui user13.jpg

and modify options

Doc gui user14.jpg

Profiles Management

Description of profiles options

5 tabs are presents in this part.

Rename a profile

Profile information tab.

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Management of the profile restriction

Doc gui user2.jpg

Description of options :

  • Restrictions on computers :

Define if the visibility of Computers is restricted only to a specific selected group by TAG. You have to coiche user , add a set of strings that may contain ? or * and that match the TAG of computers would be visible to that user.

  • Restrictions on teledeploy's workflow :

Define on profile a restricted view on teledeploy's workflow. He will see just his requests, that of its group, or all requests.

  • Restrictions on fields of teledeploy's workflow : Define if the profile will have access to restricted areas of teledeploy's workflow.
  • Restrictions on the packets activation : Define if the profile has the right to activate a package.

Profile permissions on the blacklist

Doc gui user3.jpg

Description of options :

Note: the blacklisting of serial numbers and MAC addresses is useful for the management of duplicate machines.

  • Rights to blacklist on serial numbers : Fix the right to the profile to blacklist serial numbers of the machines bios. If the profile has a restricted view on machines, it can blaclister only numbers present on these machines.
  • Rights to blacklist on MAC addresses : Fix the right to the profile to blacklist serial numbers of network cards of machines. If the profile has a restricted view on machines, it can blaclister only addresses present on these machines.
  • Rights to blacklist on ipdiscover's subnet : Fix the right to the profile to blacklist sub-nets for ipdiscover. Sub-nets blacklisted enter in category blacklist in ipdicover section.

Administration rights of the profile

Doc gui user4.jpg

Description of options :

  • Manage teledeploy : gives the right to a profile to affect package on machines or groups
  • Update Configuration : gives the right to a profile to modify personnal configuration of a machine or a group
  • Manage groups : gives the right to a profile to manage groups of machines. Create/delete/modify & group, insert machines in groups.
  • Manage console : gives the right to a profile to manage the home page. It will be possible to modify calculs parameters, add information, and add message.
  • Manage ipdiscover : Allows the profile to modify networks ipdiscover.
  • Manage teledeploy's workflow : gives the right to add/delete/modify the fields in the teledeploy workflow. Also gives the possibility to manage the workflow steps.
  • See warning messages of the GUI : define if the profile will see warning messages and / or security, administration messages. It will concern for example the presence message of install.php file, write access to certain directories, ...
  • Manage accounts info : define if the profile has right to add data types in administratives data as in drop-down menus, checkbox, radiobutton, ... It will allow also to modify the order of differents data.
  • may change accounts info computer : define if the profile has right to modify administratives data of its machines.
  • may change their membership group : this option is used only for teledeploy workflow. It will allow or not to change its profile group (in the configuration section of the account).
  • Manage profiles group : this option is used only for teledeploy workflow. It will allows the profile to create or delete users groups of teledeploy workflow.
  • Manage profiles : define if the profile will be able to manage users profiles.
  • Manage SNMP communities : gives the profile the ability to add/delete/modify SNMP communities.
  • Delete his computers : gives right to remove its machine from inventory.

Access rights to differents pages of a profile

User pages tab. This section allow to define pages that profile will have access.

Doc gui user5.jpg

Description of pages :

  • jp_activity_stats : jpgraph chart in the statistics section.
  • jp_teledeploy_speed_stats : jpgraph chart in the statistics section of package deployment rate.
  • jp_teledeploy_stats :jpgraph chart on the rate of package deployment.
  • ms_admin_ipdiscover : administration page of the ipdiscover.
  • ms_admin_management : data administration of teledeploy workflow.
  • ms_admin_profil : administration page of profiles.
  • ms_admin_user_group : administration page of users groups
  • ms_admininfo : configuration page of the administrative data Doc gui user18.jpg
  • ms_adminvalues :
  • ms_all_computers : « All machines » pageDoc gui user15.jpg
  • ms_all_soft : « All softwares » pageDoc gui user16.jpg
  • ms_blacklist : administration page blacklists of serial / macadresse / networks Doc gui user17.jpg
  • ms_codes : allocation page of machines by TAG Doc gui user19.jpg
  • ms_components
  • ms_computer : main page of machine details.
  • ms_config : main page of configuration Doc gui user20.jpg
  • ms_config_account:
  • ms_console : home page.
  • ms_csv : csv export page of data tables
  • ms_custom_groups Doc gui user21.jpg
  • ms_custom_info
  • ms_custom_lock
  • ms_custom_pack
  • ms_custom_param
  • ms_custom_perim
  • ms_custom_sup
  • ms_custom_tag
  • ms_debug : page allows access to debug.
  • ms_dict : Dictionaries page.
  • ms_doubles : page des doublons.
  • ms_group_show
  • ms_groups : Groups page.
  • ms_help : Help page.
  • ms_ipdiscover : Ipdiscover page.
  • ms_label : allow to mamange label of agents.
  • ms_local : Local imports page.
  • ms_logs : Logs page.
  • ms_multi_search : multicriteria search page.
  • ms_new_profil : page to add a new profile.
  • ms_opt_ipdiscover
  • ms_options
  • ms_regconfig
  • ms_repart_tag
  • ms_rules_redistrib
  • ms_search_soft
  • ms_server_redistrib
  • ms_show_detail
  • ms_snmp : page of devices detected by SNMP
  • ms_snmp_detail : main page of SNMP devices details.
  • ms_soft_csv
  • ms_speed_stat : main display page of teledeployment speed.
  • ms_stats : statistics page.
  • ms_tele_activate : package activation page.
  • ms_tele_actives:
  • ms_tele_compress : page allows to retrieve package fragments.
  • ms_tele_massaffect :
  • ms_tele_pack
  • ms_tele_package
  • ms_tele_popup_active
  • ms_tele_stats
  • ms_teledeploy_workflow
  • ms_update_new_tag
  • ms_upload_file
  • ms_upload_file_popup
  • ms_users : Users page.
  • ms_view_file

So you can modify existing profiles removing/adding rights and access to pages. But you can also create a new profile from an existing.

To do this, click on Doc gui user7.jpg, near the drop-down menu.

Doc gui user6.jpg

A pop-up will open and allow you to add and remove profiles

Doc gui user8.jpg

A warning is there for you that the deletion of profile may cause instability in OCS. Indeed, if you delete the only profile that has access to the profiles management, for example, you can not add you (easily) for new users / profiles.We advise you to leave the original profile and to "play" with those you created.

To add a new profile, click onNew data

Doc gui user9.jpg

The first field defines the generic name of the profile. It should not contain spaces or special characters. The second field is the name when your profile is displayed. Le deuxième champ est le nom à l'affichage de votre profil The third field is the original profile on which to base new profile.

Doc gui user10.jpg

Validating, if all fields are completed correctly, the window will close and your new profile appears in the display.

Doc gui user11.jpg

You may encounter the following error messages:

Doc gui user12.jpg

The first message for the backup files of profiles. If the backup directory no longer exists or is not writable by www-data (apache user), the first error message will appear. It is not blocking and you can make changes to profiles but the original files will not be saved.

The second concerns the configuration file of the profile. If it is not writable by the apache user (www-data), you can not change the configuration of this profile.