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New modules

  • : is used for SNMP integration in OCS Inventory NG. This module comes with Snmp/ and Snmp/
  • : is used to control agents and their versions to solve versions incompatibilty problems between OCS agents and OCS server.
  • : This module add availibity to filter data from HARDWARE section (data filtered won't be stored in database)

Improvements and changes

  • can now install missing perl modules for you using yum or apt-get (Philippe Beaumont)
  • Add the new Apache configuration for SNMP communities reference file (snmp_com.txt) and ocsinventory-reports.conf, and add the copy of the snmp_com.txt file to set default SNMP "public" community if this file does not exist

  • new parameter for tables in mandatory. This parameter force database feeding even if inventory section is not in XML
  • use the new "capacities" parameter to don't take care of tables that have this parameter when feeding %SECTIONS and @SECTIONS (with OCS agents)
  • control if inventory section is in XML before writing it in database to avoid bugs.

  • debug and enhance to use the availability to explode database structure using type tables
  • correct a misprint about the use of 'OCS_OPT_UNICODE_SUPPORT' in (from sisfb_tech)

  • add a new configuration option for activate/deactivate SNMP feature


  • add new tables for SNMP
  • add new fields in softwares table: GUID, LANGUAGE, LASTDATE and BITSWIDTH


  • Correct Bug #563791 about GW and SUBNET update in NOTIFY


  • Rewrite of code
  • Design recast (.css)
  • Feature of adding complex administrative data
  • Standardisation of tables
  • Standardisation of warning/error/alert messages
  • Plugins feature
  • Advanced profiles management
  • Connecting to schedule databases (LDAP/CAS)
  • Deployment workflow
  • Statistics module
  • SNMP
  • Show virtual machines



  • Completely rewrite of code in Unicode for a full compatibility with Windows Vista / Seven et 2008 / 2008 R2 (NT6 and +)
  • Add 64 bits support for OS detection
  • Add 64 bits software detection
  • Fix x64 processor detection
  • Add storage S/N and firmware revision
  • Add Memoryslot S/N
  • Add software language, install date, and guid
  • Add HTTPS and proxy support by using cURL Library through Communication Provider ComHTTP.dll
  • Add systray applet to allow user starting agent and show inventory informations
  • Store data and log files into %PROGRAMDATA%\OCS Inventory NG\Agent, instead of %PROGRAMFILES%\OCS Inventory Agent to be NT 6 and higher compliant
  • Full review of agent execution options (cf
  • Get virtual machines

And :

  • API recast in order to integrate plugins in binary form
  • Upgrade to use latest libraries openssl 1.0.0c and cURL 7.21.2
  • Migrate from old CMarkup XML lib to TinyXML library for UTF-8 support
  • Use code from CMake to hide command window in deployment
  • Activate minimal log file ocsinventory.log by default into %PROGRAMDATA%\OCS Inventory NG\Agent

Unified Unix/Linux/OSX agent

  • SNMP (v1,2,2c) : add new subroutines for SNMP XML feeding for informations about switches, network cards, blades, firewalls...
  • API rewriting to integrate a module system using hooks
  • API rewriting to acces to the most of the subroutines at any part of the agent
  • Return of binary ipdiscover for Linux
  • is now
  • Delete Win32 from backend
  • Various inventory improvements forLinux, BSD, Solaris, HPUX etc.
  • Debugs and code cleaning