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Using local proxy cache to deploy on remote network

Since 2.0 version, it's possible to use proxies cache as a redistribution server. Agents witch are located on a different entity than OCS Inventory server will download their deployment packages on local proxy, and will not use WAN connection to get back packages so.

Operating principe

A new deployment package is created from OCS Inventory NG server and affected to differents machines located on a different geographical entity. On remote entity, fisrt agent will download package on OCS Inventory server. HTTP is filtered through the remote entity proxy and cached, that's why next agents will retrieve the package dirrectly in proxy cache Sur le site distant, le premier agent va télécharger le paquet sur le serveur OCS. Comme le flux HTTP est filtré par le proxy du site distant et mis en cache, les prochains agents vont récupérer le paquet directement dans le cache du proxy (because stored in the cache at the previous query), and will not use WAN connection so.

  • + : avoids overloading of you WAN connection bandwidth.
  • - : if a package is deffective, you will have to clean the proxy cache, in order to avoid next agents to download this bad package.


Proxy cache deploy.jpg


  • an OCS Inventory NG server configured to use deployment feature OPT_DEPLOY to ON, SSL activate, certificate SSL cacert.pem presents on computers)
  • a proxy on remote entity with a cache relatively large (depending on you packages size)
  • agents configured to use proxy (ProxyType, Proxy, ProxyPort, ProxyAuthRequired, ProxyUser, ProxyPwd in ocsinventory.ini)

Agents configuration

Depending on proxy type (transparent/authenticator), differents configurations are possibles.

Configuration step by step

Launch OCS-NG-Windows-Agent-Setup.exe file. A windows opens. Click on Next button.

Fr install agent win proxy1.jpg

Accept user licence clicking on I accept.

Fr install agent win proxy2.jpg

Specify the address of your OCS Inventory NG server, authentification parameters of web server (optionnal) and if you want to do a SSL control, define certificate path.

Fr install agent win proxy3.jpg

Specify proxy type, proxy address, listen port, and its authentification parameters.

Fr install agent win proxy4.jpg

Specify if you want to have a better verbose in your logs, if you want to register OCS as a service and if you want or not see it in systray, administrative TAG of machine, and then if you want to send an inventory just after the end of the installation. Click on Next button.

Fr install agent win proxy5.jpg

Choose installation directory of binaries. Click on Install button.

Fr install agent win proxy6.jpg

Installation is in progress.

Fr install agent win proxy7.jpg

Click on Fermer button.

Fr install agent win proxy8.jpg

End of installation.

Result in ocsinventory.ini

Here, the configuration file of an agent using authentifiant proxy :

[OCS Inventory Agent]
[OCS Inventory Service]
Note: User name and password used to proxy authentification are encrypted.