Howtos:Generate SSL cert on windows

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Generate SSL cert on Windows

Launch Windows terminal througt Start > Execute . Type cmd and click on OK. Place you in directory containing the file makecert.bat.

Gen ssl cert1.png

Launch makecert.bat.

Warning: During the generation of cert, the most important step is the Common Name (CN) definition. You have to specify the hostname hosting OCS.

If the server hosting OCS is named web-server and is placed in domain named , then you will have to define a Common Name during cert generation :

During agents configuration on clients, you will have to define OCS server URL like this : .

SSL control is based on these two values.

En gen ssl cert2.png

Cert was generated in directory \xampp\apache\conf\ssl.crt and is named server.crt. You just have to rename this file in cacert.pem before place it in configuration directory of agents.