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Installation of OCS Inventory NG Server on Windows, without using OCS packaged version


We have a WAMP server so we don't want to use packaged version of OCS Inventory NG Server under XAMPP. So we have to configure our WAMP server to host OCS. Other possibility, we prefer WAMP to XAMPP. In this exemple, I will use WAMPSERVER 2.2D, compiled with Apache 2.2.21, Php 5.3.10, Mysql 5.5.20, XDebug 2.1.2, XDC 1.5, PhpMyadmin, SQLBuddy 1.3.3 and webGrind 1.0, ActivePerl 5.14.2, Nmake 1.5, OCS Inventory NG Server 2.0.4 and OCS Inventory NG Agent 2.0.4. This installation is made on a Windows XP 32bits.

Components to download

Download and unpack the following packages:

WAMP installation

Launch wampserver2.2d-x32.exe and click on [ Next ].


Accept the agreement and click on [ Next ].


Define the installation directory and click on [ Next ]].


Choose if you want to create a Desktop icon or a Quick launch icon and click on [ Next ].


Then, click on [ Install ].


Finally, click on [ Finish ].


You can now access to your web server with your browser on : http://localhost

Note: Maybe you will have to reboot your computer.

PERL installation

Launch ActivePerl- Click on [ Next ].


Accept the terms and Licence Agreement and click on [ Next ].


Select what you need (all packages by default) and click on [ Next ].


Choose Setup options (two first by default) and click on [ Next ].


Finally, click on [ Finish ].

OK, perl is installed.

Now, copy nmake15.exe download before and copy it in folder C:\Perl\bin.

PERL modules installation

Installation througt Perl Package Manager

Some PERL modules are already installed with ActivePerl. To view list of installed PERL modules, run command ppm to open PERL package manager.

Start > Execute, type ppm and click on OK.

Perl Package Manager opening and synchronising database.

Note: Wait few minutes, sometimes it's very long (around five minutes).


By default, DBI, XML::Simple and Compress::Zlib are already installed.


Ensure that module versions are greater than the required once listed in README. To setup the other modules, you just have to run the following command (need Internet connection ) :

ppm install <<package_name>> (take care to the case).

For example :

  • ppm install DBD::Mysql
  • ppm install Apache::DBI
  • ppm install Net::IP

If you want to use SOAP web service, you must also install modules SOAP::Lite (0.66 or higher), and XML::Entities (0.02 or higher).

Manual installation

If you are blocked by a proxy or if you have not access to internet, you can install theses modules manually.

  1. Download all modules in zip format []
  2. Uncompress theses files
  3. Launch a Windows terminal
  4. Place you in the directory where you uncompress modules
  5. Use command ppm install file.ppd

mod_perl installation

You can use the script available here: [modperl-install] Save this script on you computer (file name is not important, for exemple mpinstall. Then open a Windows terminal, place you in the directory where you placed your script, and launch perl mpinstall. You just have to answer to questions.

Other solution, using directly ppm command like this :

ppm install

During the install process, you will be asked for Apache module folder, where to copy file. In my exemple, C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.21\modules. For more informations about mod_perl setup, refer to []

Apache configuration

Edit your apache configuration file httpd.conf and add these 2 lines to load perl.

LoadFile "C:\Perl\bin\perl514.dll"
LoadModule perl_module modules/

Save your configuration file and DON'T FORGET to restart Apache.

Installation of OCS Inventory NG Server