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Using OCS Inventory NG to restore system using images

From what i can tell, OCS / GLPI is great for pushing software installation to create an initial image and managing an inventory. is great for multicast cloning many kinds of filesystems images, but lacks a web interface.

CloneZilla is opensource, crossplatform LinWinMac, Perl based cloning solution that would be great if it integrated as a plugin, using the API, or completely with OCS.

Neither CloneZilla nor DRBL have a native web interface, but grimiore and restonux are two projects to add a web interface to CZ. So integrating drbl / clonezilla via either of these existing web interfaces may be the best way forward. Both use a LAMP stack. restonux was created by native French speakers.

Grimiore is located here: [1] and discussed in the Clonezilla forums here: [2]

restonux [3] was discussed here on the Clonezilla Server forum [4]

i am new so do not know what OCS / GLPI can do exactly in regards to cloning, but i doubt it is nearly as extensive and tested as CloneZilla. steven_shiau of the Clonezilla project is very dedicated, responds to almost all forum posts personally.

i know this may not be the most appropriate place, but this entry was blank.