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Hi, thanks for unblocking my account. Initially I just wanted to do minor corrections as I read the documentation.

I also came across the following pages, mostly created in June. I am not sure about what process is needed for deletion, let me know if there is a better place to suggest this sort of thing.

  1. Avant-garde Clothes Pics
  2. Fresher Jobs Pune, and User:Afghlynn
  3. Lauren White Jacket Women
  4. Relax Jeans
  5. Children's Dress-up Clothing
  6. Maggie Denise Quigley Dating and User:Indtal
  7. Renaissance Warrior Clothing
  1. Trash.txt and Brazilian portuguese.txt which redirects to it can probably be deleted

--Tony Wills 04:28, 28 October 2011 (CEST)