Mail Notifications

Mail Notifications have been added in release 2.5 of OCS Inventory. This feature allow you to configure and customize your report notification.

Click on Config then Notifications.

Notification follow


The first page is the configuration page.

  • Activate or not notification mail.

Notification follow

  • Set Administrator's email address and name.

Notification Admin email

  • Set reply email address and name. (Optional)

Notification Admin name

  • Configure SMTP : email send mode (SMTP - SMTP + SSL - SMTP + TLS), Host and Port.

Notification SMTP

  • Configure SMTP : User identifier and password. (Optional)

Notification SMTP user

  • Configure recurrence : reception time and day(s).

Notification recurrence

Customization template

The second page allows you to customize your template.

By default the OCS Inventory template is selected.

Notification default

If you choose Customize template, you can upload an html file with your custom template. It will be uploaded to the folder


Notification customize

In order to have the OCS Inventory report values in your notification, put in your html code the values proposed below:

At the moment the notification report only offers two choices:

{{Report.Software}} - Number of softwares per software category
{{Report.Asset}} - Number of machines per asset category

In your OCS Inventory report you can use traduction files with

Example : {{g.49}} = Name

Change default notification language

The default notification language is English but you can modify this value in


Change the default value by your

 * Default GUI language
define('DEFAULT_LANGUAGE', 'your_language');

Configure CronTab

In your server, configure a CronTab to call the file cron_mailer.php in


Note: It's recommended to set the frequency to every minute