Introduction to OCS Deployment

OCS Inventory have the capability to deployment softwares when agent are properly configured. This feature gives you a simple and efficient to manage software installation / update and script execution on the remote machine.

This pre-requisites and configurationwon't be discussed in this chapter, refer to corresponding chapter for more info.

How does it work ?

Stating from 2.9, OCS Inventory use a template system in order to provide a more user-friendly user interface.

The deployment is composed in four different step : Operating system : Target operating system selection Interactions : Action to be performed on the remote system Options : Depending on the selected interation, a list of the required information to create the package Resume : Summary of the created package

The generated packages will be constitued of an info file containing a list of actions to perform on the remote system.

In the case you install a software for example, the executable / setup of the software will be stored in a zip format. Depending on its size, it will be fragment in multiple part to avoid to stress the network during the deployment.

Accessing the deployment wizard

You can access the deployment wizard by clicking on the Deployment > Build menu.


Then click on the targeted operating system.