CVE Reporting

CVE Reporting has ben added in release 2.7 of OCS Inventory. By enabling this feature, OCS Inventory can automatically query a CVE-search server for vulnerabilities that may apply to your inventoried softwares.

Warning : CVE Reporting is a feature for informational purposes. OCS Inventory does not guarantee the accuracy of the informations provided.


In order to use CVE Reporting feature, it's recommended to install CVE-search server.

To install and configure the CVE-search server, please refer to its documentation : CVE-search.

To access the CVE-search management configuration, you need to enable the advanced configuration :

  • Navigate to Configuration > General configuration > Server
  • Click on Update

Configuring the CVE-Search management

As administrator, go to the menu Configuration > General configuration, and click on the "CVE-search management" entry in the left navigation pane:

cve-search left navigation pane

There are 3 settings :

  • VULN_CVESEARCH_ENABLE : Define wether the integration is enabled or not (default : Disabled);
  • VULN_CVESEARCH_HOST : Define the URL of the cve-search server to be queried.
  • VULN_BAN_LIST : Select software categories that you do not want to process. When a sofwtare category has been added to VULN_BAN_LIST, All CVE for software in this category will not be processed by OCS Inventory.
  • VULN_CVESEARCH_LINK : Enable display of redirect link to CVE details page.
  • VULN_CVESEARCH_VERBOSE : Enable verbose mode in CVE Crontab, can help in a debugging process.
  • VULN_CVE_EXPIRE_TIME : Time of validity of a CVE after OCS Inventory scan. After this time, the CVE entry will become invalid and will be re-processed by OCS.
  • VULN_CVE_DELAY_TIME : Time delay between each CVE api call.

cve-search config screen

Configure CronTab

In your server, configure a CronTab to call the file cron_cve.php in

cd /usr/share/ocsinventory-reports/ocsreports/crontab/ && php cron_cve.php

cron_cve.php call cve-search server and get all CVE by software publisher, name and version.

Note: It's recommended to execute the crontab at night. CVE cleaning is done automatically with cron_cve.php.

The crontab use software data to retrieve the CVE. It's recommended to launch cron_all_software.php before in order to have the data up to date.


When CVE-Search has been enabled and crontab cron_cve.php has been executed, click on Inventory > CVE Reporting.

cve-search reporting menu

CVE Reporting displays all CVE in association with software and their versions already inventoried by OCS Inventory.

Click on By CVSS on the left panel to display all CVEs by vulnerability score.

cve-search cvss

Click on Filters to filter the vulnerability score.

cve-search filter

Click on By software on the left panel to display all software who are affected by a CVE.

cve-search software

Click on detail icon to display the CVEs registered for this software.

cve-search details

Click on By computer on left panel to display all CVEs by computer.

cve-search computer

When you click on the software name, you will be redirected to a search reporting based on the software name.