Backup/restore of OCS Inventory NG database

You can use tools like phpMyAdmin or MySQL Administrator to backup/restore MySQL databases.

However, MySQL and MariaDB Server provide standard tools usable in command line.

Backing up OCS Inventory NG database

mysqldump allows you to dump all content of a database to a single file. These tool can be directly called under Linux.

Simply run the following command to backup OCS Inventory NG database:

mysqldump --add-drop-table --complete-insert --extended-insert --quote-names --host=localhost --user=root --password=root password ocsweb > mysqldump_ocsweb.sql

This will save database content of OCS Inventory NG database ocsweb into file mysqldump_ocsweb.sql.

Note: If you do not have backup software for MySQL then you may find Auto MySQL Backup handy :)

Restoring OCS Inventory NG database

MySql / Mariadb allows you to launch SQL queries on a database. These tool can be directly called under Linux.

Just run MySQL command line interpreter to import save set previously created “ocsweb” database.

$mysql –u root –p ocsweb
mysql>source <path_to_saveset>

Note: You will be prompted from root password. If you haven’t yet set root password, do use "-p" command line switch.