HOWTO package OCS MacOSX agent releases

To package the OCS MacOSX agent release, we will use the OCS Unix Agent release tarball file.

Uncompress release tarball file

Get the OCS Unix agent release tarball and uncompress it by double clicking on it.


Go to the tools/macosx directory and build the appalication

cd tools/macosx
sh -release

Build the graphical installer

  • Go to the installer_gui/iceberg directory and click on the iceberg_project.packproj to open the Icerberg project.
  • Click on Build menu and Build to build the installer

Create the zip release file

  • Go the the build direcory inside the iceberg directory
  • Rename Ocsinventory_Agent_MacOSX.pkg to MacOcsinventory_Agent_MacOSX-XXX.pkg
  • Compress MacOcsinventory_Agent_MacOSX-XXX.pkg file using a right click on the file